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technical information

Date: 2017-06-19T20:00+0200 (say hello and get in your slots at 20:00, scenario starts at 20:15)

Teamspeak: ts.gruppe-adler.de:9988

Game server: arma.gruppe-adler.de:2342 (it's up and running. feel free to test-connect, password is "methan")

Player count: ~60 (subject to change)

Participating groups: Gruppe Adler, 3CB, Anrop, BDR

Island: Altis

Chat and orga stuff at https://discord.gg/2C5hmPE


Modset contains:

  • CBA
  • ACE-3.9.2-adler-event see below
  • ACEX
  • TFAR

Mods are most recent official releases, with the exception of ACE (see below)


This is important. We're using a modified ACE version.

Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt

It's based on the current ACE version, with these changes:


The scenario contains the BlueHud as squad HUD. Options dialog opens with Ctrl+Shift+B, Alt+Shift+B toggles visibility.

  • inb4: "why not st_hud": sthud has a rather high detection range and imho feels too magic in a night that's supposed to be dark and full of terrors
  • inb4: "why a HUD?": because it promotes group cohesion. it's hard enough to keep your guys together as it is


This is an implementation of the Dark Business scenario created for ShackTac.

All actors are human. There are no AI units in this scenario.

Players are split into three factions: BLU, RED and GREEN.

Area of Operation


Players spawn at their sides' respective headquarters within their own areas that are off-limit to the other factions, with the exceptions of:

  • a BLU pilot (from here on referred to as "HOSTAGE") who spawns without gear at the GREEN base as prisoner of GREEN.
  • BLUFOR in general who are free to go anywhere

Local time is 03:45 . It is DARK. Dawn will come about two hours into the match provided it's not over by then.


  • assault rifles, machine guns
    • no magnifying scopes
    • no 40mm HE
  • 40mm flares, chemlights and flashlights for all factions
  • both short and long range radios (TFAR)
    • radios are encrypted
  • BLU:
    • one MH-6 and one UH-60 helicopter, (both unarmed)
    • night vision and gps
    • a few light wheeled vehicles (GAZ/UAZ)
  • RED:
    • one fuel truck


. blufor greenfor redfor
Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt
Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt
Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt
Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt
Fehler beim Erstellen des Vorschaubildes: Datei fehlt

Slot setup

On every side, slots are organized for one Platoon roughly as per Dslyecxi's TTP2. Additionally, BLU has 2 pilot slots for their MH-6, plus one slot for the captured pilot / hostage.

That is:

  • each side consists of one platoon. platoon is made up of one platoon element with up to 4 players, and 1-3 squads
  • each squad has a squad lead and medic, and consists of 1-2 fireteams
  • each fireteam consists of 4-6 players: FTL, AR, AT, AAR and up to 2 riflemen

Participants & Reservations

Unit registered players final players estimate units reserved updated at
Adler 23 25 2 squads 2017-06-18
3CB 8 11 1 squad 2017-06-16
Anrop 20 20 2 squads 2017-06-18
BDR 12 13 1 squad 2017-06-14
total 63 69 6 squads 2017-06-15

Okay okay and who gets which slots?

It will probably (except for large changes in participant numbers in some group) look like this:

  • GREENFOR: Gruppe Adler
  • REDFOR: 3CB, Anrop


  • everyone: stay alive
  • BLU: get the HOSTAGE to the BLU base
  • RED: get the HOSTAGE to RED territory alive
  • GREEN: get RED's fuel truck to GREEN territory
  • HOSTAGE: Arrive at the BLU base alive


Side leads are free on how to approach their objective. Talk to your opponents until their ears bleed, gun them down, promise them the world and stab them in the back. It's up to you.


After you've obtained your quarry (truck or hostage), you will need to move it 500m deep into your area OR within 50 meters of your area's center (depending on the area size).

When you've done this, use the ACE self-interact item "Claim Victory". ANYONE on your team can do this. On activation, it will lock your victory and move everyone on your team to spectator to watch the rest of the match.

The match ends when all teams are in spectator or have failed their main objectives.


Same if you feel or know you can't win this: Select the "Admit Defeat" ACE self-interact item. You'll be moved to spectator mode.


  • Only BLU and RED goals are mutually exclusive.
  • A bit of cooperation among the parties can be helpful. This may require not shooting each other at first sight.
  • Radios are encrypted. You wont be able to dial the other side's number. You'll have to go out and find each other to talk to them.

End of scenario, spectator

There is no respawn. Dead players and players from sides that have claimed victory (or admitted defeat) enter an unrestricted spectator mode.

For admins

Logged-in admin has Zeus-capabilities to act as technical support if necessary.

Scenario ends when all sides have admitted defeat or claimed victory respectively.

In case this doesnt happen in a timely manner, the server admin can manually end the scenario.

Ending the scenario manually

There are some global variables that track the respective sides' main objectives.


Possible states are :

   -2 .. you lose
   -1 .. (blue/red only): you retrieved the hostage - but as a corpse in a bodybag. you still lose, though not as hard.
    2 .. you achieved your primary objective and got hostage / fuel truck into your area

ALSO, there are the arrays VICORY_CLAIMS and DEFEAT_CLAIMS comtaining the sides where players successfully admitted defeat / claimed victory.

The scenario ends when all sides have declared victory or defeat, but in case that doesnt work, or people take too long, you can end the mission manually:

Execute on the server (by a server admin on the console, obviously):

   call DB_endMission;

There are scripts that monitor the main objectives and update the task globals accordingly. If that breaks down for some reason, or to react to unusual things happening, you can set the globals manually to any state you wish, and then call the function mentioned above.


  • some people were a bit late, but not too bad (abt 15 minutes)
  • some mod problems, that were quickly sorted out among the participating groups
  • one big problem: scenario contained Apex DLC equipment. Lesson learned: check for DLC content, inform participants about requirement
  • suboptimal: scenario was being edited up to the last hour before the match. People couldnt properly test equipment in advance because of that.
    • example: BLUE was not aware about how shitty the IR strobe was
    • nevertheless concerning Apex equip: in the instance of the AK12, everyone test-connecting couldve noticed that for the last week => apparently, few people tested their slot beforehand
  • fun mixed (!) spontaneous Breaking Contact matches afterwards.
  • Dark Business is always in danger of becoming drawn too long, as scattered groups of players duck and cover, or engage in chaotic fights to the last man – instead of admitting that they're totally confused and should just give up
  • server performance was excellent, as far as I can judge, with probably about 65ppl on the server at a time
  • ar3play actually worked remarkably well, considering it had been laying dormant for nearly two years